The powerful LED Accent and Feature light range



The Accento range of multipurpose exterior luminaires will accentuate featured subjects, highlight landscape elements or provide functional ambience. Powerful yet compact, they are easily concealed to minimise glare that would distract from the illumination effect. 


Quick Spec

  • Warranty 4 years
  • IP67 weatherproof protection
  • Precision machined Brass 
  • Optional Hydrics™ finish
  • Narrow, Medium, Wide and Flood optics
  • A range of White LEDs from 2700K to 5500K
  • Up to 95 lumens per watt
  • 5W, 8W & 12W models


  • Exterior and Interior¬†
  • Accent subjects
  • Highlight landscapes
  • Functional ambience
  • Consistent styling
  • Earth spike or surface mount

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